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We regret that we have to stop the edition of the Online Journal "Physics and Philosophy", due to lack of personal assistance, lack of financial support and problems to find referees.

The open access journal "Physics and Philosophy" aimed at fostering the interdisciplinary dialogue and established an international platform for publication of original research at the borderline between physics and philosophy. The Editors encouraged original research papers, review articles and discussion notes in the philosophy of physics and on philosophical problems of experimental as well as theoretical physics. Manuscripts for "Physics and Philosophy" might deal with any epistemological, metaphysical, foundational and interpretative issues concerning physics or specific physical disciplines such as quantum mechanics, quantum information theory, cosmology or statistical physics, for instance. The Editors particularly wished to motivate contributions that address experimental physics. Reviews of books at the borderline between physics and philosophy were also welcome.

The form of an open access journal was chosen in order to allow for easy access and for fast publication of up-to-date contributions. Special emphasis was laid upon the requirement that papers be understandable to both physicists and philosophers. For this reason every manuscript had been reviewed by a physicist and a philosopher. Manuscripts for "Physics and Philosophy" should be written in English; however, contributions in German, French and Spanish will be considered as well. There were no regular issues of "Physics and Philosophy", rather papers were immediately published once they are accepted. Every paper is identifiable in terms of an individual identification number.

The Editors have established close connections to the working group philosophy ("Arbeitskreis Philosophie", AKPHIL) of the German Physics Society ("Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft", DPG). "Physics and Philosophy" is in principle available for publication of selected papers from workshops (Arbeitskreis Philosophie meetings etc.), as long as the papers meet the regular criteria of publication in this journal. Papers from workshops were subject to the same review process as any other manuscript sent to "Physics and Philosophy". They can be grouped together for a special issue.